A Royal Visit 

Wow! What an exciting day we have had, We were kindly invited by Barnstaple Town manager Hannah Harrington to show case ChemoHero for the visit of his Royal Highness Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Lady Camilla in Barnstaple pannier market.

To say we were excited, nervous and proud was an understatement, today was a big day for ChemoHero.

We have only been a registered charity for just over a year so to be asked to show case our charity to the royal family has kind of been a BIG deal for us.

We were setting up in the market at 8am making sure the stand was ready and taking in the atmosphere which was truly magical with such a buzz.

We have recently made tweaks with our logo so we have lots of new display items so it was lovely to see them all up and being able to show the public in the best possible way what it is we are doing for North Devon Chemotherapy patients.

Prince Charles and Lady Camilla arrived around 11am, before hand the market had been checked over by police and sniffer dogs for everyone’s safety which felt reassuring.
They made their way up the pannier market  starting with meeting and talking to all the stall holders, spending time with each.
We saw Prince Charles first, however he was walking up the opposite side to our stand so we sadly didn’t get to talk to him.

Lady Camilla made her way up our side stopping at The Children’s Hospice stand with whom she is patron for, it was so lovely to watch her interact with the children who attend the hospice.

We were up next, and any nerves we had felt were very soon put at ease as Lady Camilla shook our hands and asked us what it is we do with ChemoHero.

We had time to explain how we make up the boxes of kindness full of useful and luxury items and deliver them to North Devon district  hospital for the chemotherapy unit.

She asked if it was my idea and went on to tell me how she has never come across any thing like this before which was truly lovely as it reiterated to us just how special it is what we are doing for our local chemotherapy patients.

We also explained how it was entirely funded by the local community and businesss which she said was lovely.

We were able to gift her a jar of honey from our amazing sponsors Quince Honey Farm, when we explained to her what it was she was very excited and replied with “Oooooo I love honey and will look forward to this!”

Lady Camilla continued her journey up the pannier and then outside where she was treated by our talented patron Yazzy who sung her Happy Birthday with some local school children.

Today will be a day ChemoHero remembers forever and we thank Barnstaple Town Council and Barnstaple Managment team for involving us.

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  1. So pleased for you and SO proud of you, Lisa. It was very emotional watching you chatting with Lady Camilla ❤

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