ChemoHero for all the family

When we founded ChemoHero it was all because we felt there was an area of support missing in North Devon  with the initial diagnosis of someone needing chemotherapy.

We had our own friends and family just not knowing what to do or say to us as well as us not knowing what we were going to need as we entered Chemotherapy.

Needless to say we entered our first treatment with nothing packed….yes I say Our first treatment as although I was the one physical receiving  the medicine it was still an extremely horrific time for my husband.

After meeting a few others on my journey through Chemotherapy 1 lady in particular, who was 80 years old and enduring chemotherapy then heading home to an empty house!

It was at this point we realised we needed to make sure that those going through Chemotherapy knew they had their community behind them wishing them well.
We also knew that we had to make sure people were being given hints, tips and products that would help make their treatments that little bit kinder and so ChemoHero was born.

We have been very passionate that those who fundraise for us get to be a Big part of the charity and that they get to see each process of their money fundraised and what it goes towards purchasing as well as physically being able to come and pack a few boxes. 

Today was very special to us as we welcomed Laura Tydd who ran this years London marathon for ChemoHero and her family.

Sadly Laura’s sister this year received a ChemoHero box of kindness and today she was back as her mother in law is to begin treatment in November.

Laura and her family were able to spend time at the unit picking items specially for her mother in law and add that little bit of extra love and kindness to their box by sealing it with a kiss! 

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