We are so excited to announce today our wonderful partnership with James Bishop and Bishops Jewellery.

We approached James last year about making us a bespoke necklace to represent our charity.

The necklace has been lovingly handcrafted from Fairtrade 18ct rose gold and Platinum. set with 16 Diamonds in a Pave style to the front. It has been put onto an 18” again 18ct rose gold chain.

Our logo has always been rather eye-catching, with our heart of kindness inside of a box, a real representation of what we do as a charity by giving boxes of kindness to North Devon chemotherapy patients.

Our logo also has a more personal story behind it, in that our Founder Lisa’s husband designed it!

While she had the idea of starting a charity where we look after those going through treatment with supplying items that she would have found useful during treatment, Rob started to direct his energies into creating all the designs and branding of the charity.

He found it gave him something to focus on and a positive way to redirect his feelings as he supported Lisa and their son as they endured difficult chemotherapy regimes as a family.

He feels incredibly proud to see his designs on the boxes as well as a local Stagecoach bus but never had we dreamed as a charity that we could have a jewellery range…

Last year when we approached James about turning our logo into a necklace he was so keen to come on board and help us.

He got straight onto personally making our necklace which we will now release for sale.

James spends his own time making these lovely necklaces for us and has worked closely with us showing such compassion to just what these Necklaces mean to us as a charity.

We hope these necklaces will give a person who has received treatment feel the love behind them when they look back at their chemotherapy or at ChemoHero if we have helped them with our boxes of kindness.

We also hope it’ll help someone wondering what to purchase someone going through treatment the idea of our beautiful necklaces and that the necklace will bring the individual receiving it the strength to keep going as Lisa and Rob have done so during their cancer journey.

These necklaces may also be bought in memory of a loved one and in seeing others wearing them, we hope it’ll create support, kindness and understanding between those people.

To start off the launch of our Bishops Jewellery ChemoHero necklaces
James has lovingly made a one-off necklace that we would like to give away to a nominated ChemoHero.

How to nominate

In no more than 100 words tell us who you wish to nominate and why?

You will need to include your email address as well as a statement to say you agree to us contacting you.

To nominate follow this link: https://goo.gl/forms/vo8vXsksTvRtwWzr2

This is open to everyone but here are our terms and conditions…

The person being nominated will have received /receiving chemotherapy,
The person must be aware you are nominating them,
We must have permission to contact them,
The person must live in the UK,
Nominations must be in by December 18th 2018,
The chosen nomination will be announced on December 25th 2018,
We will want to celebrate the receiving of this wonderful gift by telling yours and the nominated persons story via all our social media channels, so they will need to opt into this before we are able to send out the necklace to the chosen person.
Purchasing any ChemoHero items will not enhance your chance of winning.
No monetary value of the necklace can be exchanged instead of the necklace.
The necklace is what you are nominating for.
The Trustees of the charity along with James Bishop and 3 independent people will go through the nominations and have the final decision on who will receive the necklace.
The necklace will be sent out via special recorded delivery on January 2nd 2019.
Any employees or trustees of ChemoHero will be unable to nominate nor receive the necklace.
Get nominating your ChemoHero.

Photographs by Upright Media https://www.uprightmedia.co.uk/

Necklace by James Bishop https://bishopjewellery.co.uk/

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