Stage Coach our moving sponsors!

Well for all those who like to keep up to date with us but don’t live locally, we thought we’d best up date you with our news on Stage Coach.

Stage Coach South West have become our newest sponsors towards our ChemoHero Boxes of kindness but in somewhat a very different way….. They are creating awareness of our Charity by advertising us on one of their buses!

Yes we have an entire bus dedicated to ChemoHero how cool is that.

We recently visited Stage Coach as my son Stanley used to have his name on a bus after winning a local competition.

The competition had taken place as I went through my first regimen of Chemotherapy and so I did not have the energy nor the creativity to put in 50 words why my son should have his name on a bus….well I could but writing ” Right now my son deserves the world!” Wasn’t going to win it!!

So unbeknown to me my mum entered with a little rhyme.

“There was a little boy called Stanley, who came from a very big family.

It would cause such a fuss to have his name on a bus and make him feel grown up and manly”

Well this little rhyme and an awesome name like Stanley Walter won one of the names on 7 of the buses.

We were truly over the moon and it really did pick me up as I went through my treatment, each time we saw his bus we’d all shout and fling our arms about!.

So this summer when the bus vanished we headed to Stagecoach to ask why, sadly some of the buses needed to be moved on to Exeter and so Stanley Walter was one that was called up for city work.

We spoke of my treatment and just how special it was to us as well as a few other fundraising ideas I’d had about Stagecoach helping ChemoHero out.

Unfortunately they were unable to help being a public company and not for private hire but we were told to leave it in the hands of Chris the Barnstaple manager as he was sure there must be a way they would be able to get involved with ChemoHero, so we did.

Two weeks later we joined Chris and the area manager Helen for a meeting where they apologised for not being able to take forward a fundraising idea I’d had this year but how would we feel if they advertised and dedicated a bus to ChemoHero and make it the new Stanley Walter bus……. as we stared with opened mouths I think they grasped our answer to be a great BIG YES Please.

So November 19th Our North Devon Stanley Walter ChemoHero bus was launched!!!

The entire 4 sides of the bus wrapped with ChemoHero logos as well as the inside spreading the ChemoHero story.

We can not Thank Stage Coach South West enough, I’m sure it’s now the most waved at and beeped bus in a North Devon!

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